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All good things must come to an end. Cavalcade of Risk’s swan song

Hank Stern launched the Cavalcade of Risk blog carnival back in 2006, a year after we each launched our own blogs, and the same year Twitter started.

After 224 editions, it’s time to say goodbye to the Cav. It’s been a great run, and I have had the privilege to host several times myself and to contribute often.

The Swan Song edition is posted at InsureBlog, so go check it out. I’m looking forward to continuing to read InsureBlog and to seeing what Hank does with all his newly found free time!

Cavalcade of Risk 233 is up at

I’ve read all 233 Cavalcades of Risk blog carnivals but today’s edition at is the first one I’ve ever seen done as a rhyme. Truth be told it’s my favorite of them all, so I highly commend it.

I enjoyed it so much I composed a commentary on it:


It’s rare that we see
A blog post so funny
Especially when
The topic is money

But when given a number
Like 233
How could you resist?
It just had to be

I’ve written, myself, many dry, dry, dry posts
But perhaps the next time
When I am the host

I’ll come up with something
As catchy as yours
Which all readers will like
Except for the boors