Podcast interview with Ralph Kalies, CEO of BidRx (transcript)

This is a transcript of my podcast interview with Dr. Ralph Kalies, CEO of BidRx. David Williams:  This is David Williams, co-founder of MedPharma Partners and author of the Health Business Blog. I am speaking today with Dr. Ralph Kalies, he is CEO of BidRx. Dr. Kalies, how are you today? Dr. Ralph Kalies:  I’m […]

Podcast interview with Ralph Kalies, CEO of BidRx

BidRx is one of the more interesting companies I’ve come across recently. Founder and CEO, Ralph Kalies has used his intimate knowledge of pharmacy and PBMs to create a consumer-oriented competitive marketplace for prescription drugs. Kalies believes traditional PBMs are a poor match for patients in the age of consumer-directed health care. In particular, he […]